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R Family Farm, Inc

Frigid Temps Ahead-and how they affect the farm


With Fridig temperatures coming, our farm has to really ramp up all of our operations.  Extra bedding for all of the pigs, waterers will need to be checked to make sure they don't freeze.  All water tanks will need to be filled up and checks will be made to the water heaters. 


Most of all, I will be making many trips to the barn to check on baby chicks and the baby turkeys.  My checks will include standing for a minute to observe the chicks before I fully open the brooder box.  Are they huddled under the light, are they moving freely around the box. Do the 2 heat lights need to be lowered or raised.  I will also be taking out luke warm water from the house to water the chicks with.  Last check of the barn at night is about 11 and the first check in the is at 6 am. 


Of Course, the sow that is due to have her pigs will have them in this cold I'm sure!

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R Family Farm is committed to providing our customers with the best locally grown meat in the area. Our animals are raised on pasture as nature intended.  By buying locally you are supporting the local economy and helping to preserve our family's farm.


We invite you to visit us and discover a new way to buy your meat and eggs.

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Pigs like being in the snow!

 R Family Farm is a small-acreage family-business farm located just 3 miles north of Poplar Grove. We developed real local roots, and support from the community encouraged us to open our "On Farm" store.

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Did you know that Mays Honey Farm from the Woodstock and Cary Farmer's Makets have 20 bee hives on our farm?  They sit behind our Quonset Building so they are protected from the north winds.

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